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Croatia offers scolarship to young persecuted Christians

The Croatian government is offering college scholarships to young Christians at risk of persecution. The country’s education and foreign ministries have invited Christian students from developing countries to apply for the scholarships by the 17th of May.


The scholarships are the result of an amendment to the state budget proposed by Marijana Petir, an independent member of Croatia’s parliament, and accepted by the government in November.

“The planned funding of 1.5 million kuna ($237,000, 200,000 euros) is intended for scholarships for young people who are persecuted for their faith in a way that allows them to study in Croatia and gain knowledge and then return to their homeland where they will help build their communities and a democratic and tolerant society,” Petir told CNA.

“The money will be intended for their study and accommodation needs during their studies in Croatia.”

The introduction of the scholarships marks the first time since the country gained independence in 1991 that it has earmarked money specifically to help individuals outside the European Union persecuted for their Christian faith.

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