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Brazil’s new Jesus statue will surpass height of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer

A new statue of Jesus Christ is under construction in southern Brazil and will surpass the height of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro.


Christianity is the largest religion in the world with 2.3 billion people professing their faith in Jesus Christ. Many cities throughout the world are known for their ancient churches, historic cathedrals and images of Jesus and the saints that draw tourists. And in Brazil, where people flock to see the Christ the Redeemer statue, many are gearing up for the completion of its second world-famous statue representing Jesus, called Christ the Protector.

Builders began construction on the statue in the city of Encantado in 2019. It’s expected to be bigger than Christ the Redeemer which was completed nearly ninety years ago. Christ the Redeemer measures more than 124 feet high and spans more than 91 feet hand to hand. 

Christ the Protector will measure more than 118 feet from hand to hand and will stand more than 141 feet tall. The structure will house an internal elevator that tourists can use to access the observation deck near the top of the figure. 



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