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Cyprus religious leaders condemn party at historic monastery

Cyprus religious leaders condemned a techno party that was held at Armenian Sourp Magar Monastery. The party took place on the 20yh of March but knowledge of the event became public when a video of the concert was posted to YouTube on the 7th of April.


The event was reportedly organised by a group for electronic music events at entertainment venues, including historical and cultural locations.

The religious leaders of Cyprus, comprised of Christian Orthodox, Muslims, Catholics, Armenians, and Maronites, work for peace among their communities.

They condemned “this unfortunate act, misuse, disrespect and desecration of places of worship and cemeteries in Cyprus, irrespective of intention, religion, dogma and denomination (…) disrespecting places of worship and cemeteries creates pain, nurtures mistrust and becomes an obstacle to peaceful coexistence”.


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