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A young provocateur disrupted Mass in a Polish basilica in Krakow

The twenty-year-old girl exposed herself and spat on the priest celebrating the Holy Mass on Wednesday morning in one of the most frequented Krakow churches - St. Mary's Basilica in the Market Square. Around 9:00 a.m., the church guard notified the Municipal Police that a young woman was disrupting the Mass. She stripped naked and approached the priest without any interference from those present in the temple and then spat on him.


When the police arrived at the scene, the woman was calm, but the witnesses of the event testified that they knew her and that it was not the first incident of this type that she was involved in.

This is another desecration of the temple in recent days. At the beginning of the month, several young people tried to break through the closed doors of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myślenice, and when they failed, the perpetrators damaged the facade.

Anti-Christian activities have been multiplying in Poland in recent months. In the east of Lublin, a young woman recently set fire to a curtain hanging at the temple entrance. In the Warsaw district of Wola, agitators destroyed the door of the Church of Saint Augustine.


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