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Congo remembers Christian martyrs, killed twenty-nine years ago

On the 16th of February of 1992, many Christians who participated in the March for Hope against dictatorship in Congo were martyred. In recent days, the Church in the Congo remembered them with a conference and a service of thanksgiving.


At the conference Center d’Etudes pour l’Action Sociale of the Jesuits in Gombe, Fr. José Mpundu from the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, who stood at the side of the laypeople on the 16th of February in 1992, explained the theme “Together for a Democratic Republic of the Congo of solidarity and Brotherhood” and shared his experience of those years, while urging a collective awareness of the problems of the present moment.

Fr. Mpundu believes that another “February 16” is needed, because “we must continue the struggle for the liberation of our country, until the final victory”. A system based on the primacy of being (and not having), and walking in the construction of a “more fraternal, more human world”.

The thanksgiving Mass in the Notre Dame du Congo Cathedral was celebrated by the Vice President of the Bishops’ Conference of the Congo, Bishop José Moko Ekanga of Idiofa.


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