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Vladimir Lenin replaced by Jesus Christ in Ukrainian village

In the Ukrainian village of Osypenko in the district of Berlin in Zaporizhia Oblast in Ukraine, the faithful collected money for a statue of Jesus, which they placed on the site of the monument representing Vladimir Lenin.


The members of the local Orthodox parish initiated a fundraiser that brought in twenty-five thousand hryvnia (around nine hundred USD) which was allocated to the purchase and installation of the statue.

Further plans include tidying up the vicinity of the monument and establishing a memorial plaque. The village was once called Nowospasovka, in honour of the Orthodox holiday, and it was established at the beginning of the 19th century on the site of the former Cossack settlements on the Berda River.

Ukrainians handled the decommunisation law in different ways, which imposed an obligation on them to remove communist monuments. Most of them were simply overthrown spontaneously.


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