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Christian astronaut takes Bible on mission to space station

Victor Glover, the first African American astronaut to go on a long-term mission, decided to take on board, communion cups and the word of God. He plans to utilise the strong internet connection aboard the craft to access faith-based programmes as well.


Glover arrived at the ISS with the three other crew members onboard the first commercially developed space vehicle certified by NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration to ferry astronauts up to low-Earth orbit and back again. The crew will stay at the space station until the spring.

Along with reading his Bible and praying, the forty-four-year-old said in a video interview with Christian Chronicle last week that he also plans to participate in “virtual service” and “virtual giving.”

In the video interview, Glover wore a sweatshirt saluting the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., poet Maya Angelou, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, pioneering educator George Washington Carver and famed boxer Mohammad Ali. All were African American leaders of the past. All were Christian except Ali.


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