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Four Christian families were expelled from their home town in Laos

This year, four Christian families had to leave different towns in Laos because they converted to Christianity.

In May, two families of five had to leave their home in Northern Laos, one month after converting to Christianity. They were forced to move into a little house, outside the village. Months have passed, and they are still without electricity or running water. Furthermore, the roof of the building leaks when it is raining. The children have to walk four kilometres every day to school. Since they are in dire need, some churches in the neighbourhood try to help them financially, taking from the little resources they have.

At the beginning of this month, another two families were evicted in a region to the north. In this village, the leaders convoked a meeting of the local inhabitants and declared that the Christians must convert if they wanted to stay in the village. Since the Christians in question refused to renounce their faith, they were expelled; the inhabitants later destroyed their house. These Christians are currently staying at a parish, far from their homes.

Source: Portas Abertas

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