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Terrorists killed Swiss missionary in Mali

Terrorists killed a Swiss missionary who was kidnapped four years ago in Mali – according to the Swiss foreign ministry on Friday, the 9th of October.

The Djamat Nusrat al-Islam va al-Muslimin Islamist terror group, which was founded in the spring of 2017, is responsible for the murder. The group has strong connections with the al-Kaida international terrorist organisation. 

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said that the French authorities informed their Swiss colleagues about the death of the women. Information suggests that the missionary from Basel was murdered a month ago by her captors. The women carried out missionary work for years in Timbuktu, when she was kidnapped in 2016 by radicals. The Swiss citizen had been kidnapped before when Islamists captured her in April 2012.

Ignazzio Cassis Swiss foreign minister condemned the cruel act and expressed his condolences to the relatives. He promised that Switzerland would do everything possible to uncover the remains of the missionary and the circumstances of her death. He added that they would contact the interim leadership in Mali. 

Cassis noted that the Swiss authorities did try to negotiate the release of the hostage, and maintained a continuous line of connection with the family of the victim.

The government in Bamako, announced on the evening of the 8th of October that the jihadist groups in Mali released four hostages, an imposing opposition politician, an Italian and a French citizen. The death of the missionary was relayed by one of the released French hostages. 

Earlier that week the authorities in Mali released over 200 jihadists in a hostage exchange. It is unknown if they paid a ransom. There are dozens of radical armed groups in the country stricken by the armed conflicts; some have pledged alliance to ISIS or Al-Kaida. 

Source: Vasá

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