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Missionaries' car blows up on a mine; at least one victim

A car of the Catholic Mission of Niem exploded on a mine this morning, May 5, 2021.

Twenty missionaries were killed worldwide in 2020

In the last twenty years, 535 priests have been killed worldwide, five of whom are bishops.

As North Korea closed its borders, missionaries cannot enter the country

Due to the COVID-19 virus, North Korea closed its border with China preventing missionary activity in North America.

Mali: Missionary killed after years in captivity

The missionary had been working with women and children in Mali since the year 2000.

Terrorists killed Swiss missionary in Mali

The kidnappers have strong connections with al-Kaida.

A missionary nun travels around India on a motorcycle to help people

Sister Shobka Rani Talari is not a conventional nun; she is moving around India by motorcycle to help people in need.