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“In 2050, every fifth European will be a Muslim,” says Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warns that in thirty years, as many as twenty per cent of Europe's inhabitants will profess Islam.


Viktor Orban is convinced that in 2050, the followers of Allah will even dominate in some large Western European cities. The Hungarian prime minister links these forecasts with a multi-cultural policy and openness to immigrants.

His vision is confirmed by the Pew Research Centre. According to the institute, seventy-six million Muslims will live in Europe in thirty years.

“Currently, the greatest threat is the global network of supporters of an open society who seeks to abolish national sovereignty. The threat here is George Soros with his unlimited financial resources. His goals are clear. By accelerating migration, we are giving individual countries into the hands of a global elite,” Orban warned.


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