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Religious and political leaders urge the West to remember persecuted Christians

Religious and political leaders urged the Church in the West to speak up for persecuted Christians and warned that if the U.S. doesn’t lead the fight for religious freedom, the world will “regress to our natural fallen state."


“There is more persecution worldwide than at any other time in modern history. And there’s never been a greater need for action,” former Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf said Wednesday night during the In Defence of Christians (IDC) 2020 digital summit.

He cited statistics from the Pew Research Centre revealing that eighty per cent of the world’s population lives in a religiously repressive environment. “Out of all the global religions, Christians are the most persecuted group,” he said. “Boko Haram has killed more people, more Christians in Nigeria, than all the people that ISIS killed in Iraq and Syria combined,” he continued. 

But according to Wolf, the “cries of the persecuted are met with the sound of silence” from many in the faith community in the West. “Many Christians in these communities really feel abandoned. And when you visit them, sometimes they almost feel doomed,” he explained.

Opening the digital event, IDC President Toufic Baaklini praised the Trump administration for contributing to “historic milestones for religious freedom,” mentioning Trump’s Executive Order on Advancing Religious Freedom and the recognition of the Armenian genocide in Congress

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