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Nine hundred Christian families received immediate aid in Nepal

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely affected the Christian community of Nepal. Open Doors has provided help to 900 Christians in these difficult times.


Christians are facing many difficulties due to their faith in Nepal. The COVID-19 pandemic hampered their situation further, as they were the first to lose their jobs after the beginning of the lockdown.

Many Christians asked for the help of Open Doors because they did not have money to buy food. Luckily, Open Doors has responded to their request and helped out 900 families in this challenging situation.

“We did not get any kind of support. My family did not have enough food and I did my best to provide food to my children, to avoid the death of hunger. I am very grateful to this team that came with love, and compassion to help us, and filled our kitchen with food. They brought hope and prayed for us”, declared one of the beneficiaries.

A local couple told Open Doors that in the countryside, followers of Christ are boycotted. 

“They (the Christians) do not have access to the public installations, or to some jobs, and they are socially isolated”, they said. For these reasons, Christians are especially vulnerable, and they are more exposed to social isolation than the other people in these regions.

The aid packages, provided by Open Doors, contain rice, lens, oil, and hygiene equipment.

Source, photo: Open Doors Brazil

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