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Indian Christians received three thousand digital Bibles from Open Doors

Through these digital Bibles, even illiterate people have the possibility to come to know the Word of God, thanks to the audiobooks.


In India, where Christians are strongly oppressed by the Hindu majority, it is important to have the possibility to access to the Gospel, especially in the case of recently converted Christians. Even though it is difficult to get a Bible in India, many of the local Christians suffer from another difficulty: they are illiterate.

Digital Bibles, that are also accessible in an audiobook-format, are a great answer to both problems.

They can be downloaded on mobile phones or on other appliances; the contributors of Open Doors have already transferred and distributed three thousand copies in India, which is improving the lives of many in the country.

The digital service also contains Biblical movies and testimonies, that aim to strengthen the faith of persecuted Christians.

Source: Open Doors Brazil

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