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Black leaders ask Planned Parenthood in open letter to confront abortion racism

The letter was signed by more then one hundred pro-life black leaders and addressed to Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.


In their letter, the officials, lawyers, and priests ask the CEO of Planned Parenthood US to  “confront the systemic racism of America’s abortion practices and to publicly renounce the racist legacy” of the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger.

They highlight that even if “since the tragic killing of George Floyd, Planned Parenthood has openly voiced its support of Black Lives Matter and its commitment to combating racism in all its forms,” at their clinics they continue the racism.

“Planned Parenthood National has said that Planned Parenthood will be ‘turning inward and dedicating ourselves to calling out injustice and reckoning with our own institutionalised racism long-term,'” the letter says. “But Ms. Johnson, will you confront the iniquity that your abortion practices perpetrate against Black lives? Will you fight the racism that targets Black lives in the womb?”

The leaders write that, in the US, black women have 36% of the abortions, despite constituting only 13% of the female population. “In some cities, like New York, more Black children are aborted every year than are born alive.”

The letter also mentions that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, “wanted to use abortion and contraception to cull minority populations.”

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