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More than half of US adults don’t believe Jesus is God

More than half of American adults, including 30% of evangelicals, say Jesus isn’t God but most agree he was "a great teacher", according to results from a 2020 State of Theology survey.


Even though the Bible and traditional teachings of the Christian Church hold that Jesus truly existed as both man and God, among the key findings of the biennial State of Theology survey from Ligonier Ministries conducted with LifeWay Research, is that 52% of American adults believe that Jesus was a great teacher but… nothing more. Almost one-third of evangelicals also support that view.

“Statistics like these from the State of Theology survey can give us quite a shock, but they also shed light on the concerns that many American Christians and churches have expressed for decades. As the culture around us increasingly abandons its moral compass, professing evangelicals are sadly drifting away from God’s absolute standard in Scripture,” Stephen Nichols, chief academic officer of Ligonier Ministries and president of Reformation Bible College, said in a statement.

Some 44% of respondents in this survey agreed that since Jesus was both man and God when he walked the earth. Thet also believe he committed sins like any other person. Only 41% held the biblical perspective that Jesus was both man and God and remained sinless.


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