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A Christian family could face prosecution for homeschooling

A Christian family is asking the Biden administration to intervene in their deportation after they lived in the USA for 15 years seeking asylum from prosecution in Germany.


The Romeikes had fled Bissingen, Germany in 2008 after being threatened with prosecution for homeschooling their five children. Homeschooling in Germany is tightly regulated and only allowed under certain circumstances.

The Romeike family has been able to live in the US for the last years under an ‘indefinite deferred action status’, but now they were told in September 2023 that they must return to Germany.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike had decided to homeschool their children after they found anti-Christian messages or other content provided by the German school, which conflicted with their Christian religion back in 2000.

“So that’s what everybody does unless they are like the Romeikes and have a conviction that they actually want to raise their kids according to their own conscience, their own religion, their own faith structure. The German philosophy doesn’t permit that,” commented Kevin Boden, an attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association (US) who represents the Romeikes.


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