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Historic chapel desecrated in Spain

On August 15th, the very famous and highly revered hermitage of Santísimo Cristo in the town of Planes (Alicante, Spain) was vandalised.


The police were informed about the incident by the Archdiocese of Valencia. The vandals stole many religious objects: chalices, a paten, the crowns from the statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary.  They also destroyed an altar dedicated to Saint Joseph with an iron bar.

According to the Archdiocese, the thieves left a painting of Saint Joseph on a chair, “probably, they were looking for something more precious.”

Father Juan Crespo, the administrator of the church said: “The worst was not the economic loss because of the theft, but the damage done to the sacred objects.”

This was the third time that the chapel has been burgled within the last three decades.

Sources, photo: Christianophobie, Aciprensa


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