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Four Christians kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

On Thursday night, a group of Fulani militants attempted to break into the house of a Christian pastor in Nigerian Kaduna State. The pastor, Rev. Elisha Abu Dreams, told the Daily Post that, “The kidnappers first came to my house at midnight and they called, spoke in Fulani and Hausa language that l should open the door for them."


The pastor confirmed that they kidnapped four individuals from the community, including, an off duty police officer, a military man, a security officer, and a fourteen-year-old girl.

He also said that he tried calling the local security forces for help while the assailants tried to enter his home. The security personnel did not arrive in time to stop the attack, however. This is unfortunately very common in Nigeria. In many attacks, security personnel only arrive hours after the attacks have finished.

Many have claimed that this shows signs of collusion on the part of the military and police, however, it may also be that many of the villages are remote and take a long time to get to. This is especially true for villages that have no access by modern roads or on roads that have significantly deteriorated.

This attack on yet another pastor in Kaduna state does show that there are groups still in the country that wish to harm the church and its leaders. Many pastors, Churches and Christian villages have been attacked in past years in Southern Kaduna.


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