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Pro-life activists have been physically attacked by hospital workers in Poland

The Pro-Right to Life Foundation has reported that "the employees of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital of the Medical University in Poznań tried to block the anti-abortion picket by force in front of the facility." The problems faced by the prolifers began even before the rosary offered in defence of conceived children.


The regional coordinator of the Pro-Right to Life Foundation, Adam Brawata, mentioned that before the public rosary was started, he was attacked by three employees of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital of the Medical University in Poznań.

“First, they closed the entrance gate leading to the convention grounds, then one of them tore my poster, and then the three of them physically attacked me: they knocked me down and damaged my glasses. They also uttered profanities,” Adam Brawata explains.

“Volunteers recorded the whole incident and the case will soon be brought to court. A hospital employee, aware of this, tried to steal evidence of his attack even after the protest,” according to the foundation, adding that the would-be thief was scared off by the loud alarm of the police.

The website of the Pro-Law to Life Foundation” states that in 2018, as many as 86 abortions were performed in this hospital, including 48 on children with Down syndrome.”

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