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Vietnamese monks are the victims of a land-grab

Only two weeks ago, a group of protesters came to threaten the monks inside their monastery. Later, government led land-grabbers successfully seized part of the monastery’s land called Cross Hill in Thừa Thiên Huếprovince.


These groups include local government officials, employees, and security forces from the People’s Municipal Committee. According to AsiaNews reports that so-called Red Capitalists “use violence, abductions, and communist ideology to make the monks’ lives impossible in order to force them out.”

Last Thursday, fifty people aggressively trespassed onto the property in the Cross-Hill section of the monastery equipped with barbed wire and fencing poles while shouting slogans, handing out flyers and slandering the monks and the monastery.

With every year that passes, the government sells more and more of the land belonging to the monks to the highest bidding tourism company. The Catholic community is losing its clergy and religious freedom. 

The monks in Thiên An asked foreign embassies and international human rights organisations to use every peaceful means to “protect truth, justice and peace for the religious of the monastery.”


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