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Support for abortion is decreasing in Europe

The latest data on the topic of support for abortion has been published by the British agency Ipsos MORI, which deals with market research. Researchers asked people from twenty-five European countries about the approach to abortion and protection of the life of the unborn.


Seventy per cent of the respondents stated that abortion should be allowed. This represents a five per cent drop in support compared to 2014 when the agency conducted similar research.

The most notable change for life took place in Germany, where the number of people in favour of the so-called right to abortion has decreased by as much as nine per cent. Support for abortion fell in France and Spain by respectively six and five per cent. In Poland, Italy and Sweden, pro-life stances are between two and three per cent higher than they were six years ago.

The only European country with an increase in abortion supporters is Belgium (two per cent). This can partly be explained by the aggressive push from the far-left media in the last months advocating for an extension of the current abortion legislation which  would make it possible to kill an unborn child up until the twelfth week of pregnancy. Pro-abortion activists have been continuously pushing for an “extension” to this deadline up to and including eighteen weeks of gestation.

Comparing research in Europe with similar surveys conducted in other continents, Ipsos MORI notes that since 2014, the most significant decline in abortion supporters has occurred in Turkey (fifteen per cent) and South Africa (ten per cent).


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