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A statue of Saint John Paul II was vandalised in Poland

The statue of John Paul II standing in front of the cathedral basilica in Łódź was devastated. Someone poured paint on it in the night and wrote "maxima culpa" on the plinth. The police are looking for the perpetrators. It was reported that the statue is to be cleaned ahead of the papal march, which will take place at noon on Sunday.


At. At 6:15 a.m., the police officer on duty received a report about the destruction of the statue of John Paul II standing in front of the cathedral at ul. Piotrkowska, informed subcomm. Adam Dembiński from the KWP press team in Łódź. He added that officers had inspected the monument at the scene.

Efforts are underway to identify the perpetrator. We are also looking for possible witnesses to the incident, he concluded. In the afternoon, participants of the papal march organized on the anniversary of the death of John Paul II are to meet at the monument. Until then, the damage is to be removed.

A spokesman for the Lodz curia commented on the case. “It is a huge surprise for us that a hand is raised on a person so important to all Poles on such a special day dedicated to the memory of the Pope” – said Fr. Pawel Klys.

The prosecutor’s office also became interested in the destruction of the statue of John Paul II. – The Śródmieście Prosecutor’s Office supervises extensive activities aimed at determining the perpetrators and reconstructing the circumstances of the damage to the monument of St. John Paul II, which took place tonight – Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, told Polsat News. He added that at this stage, for the sake of the investigation, it was not possible to provide details of the case.


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