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Pro-life film removed from Amazon Prime despite overwhelmingly positive reviews

A pro-life filmmaker is raising allegations of censorship after his documentary was removed from Amazon Prime Video because of poor customer reviews despite the fact that the film received overwhelmingly positive reviews.


During an interview with FaithWire last week, Pittman, a director and producer with Crown Rights Media, explained that Amazon officials told him that his movie was removed from the online video streaming platform “based on a combination of star reviews and customer reviews.” But based on those metrics alone, there was no reason to remove the film, he believes. 

“The movie has really good reviews,” Pittman assured. “It has over 340 reviews on Amazon. Most of them — 90% of them — are five-star reviews.”

“I realised that if you go and read the reviews of the movie their AI [artificial intelligence] categorises the reviews based on keywords that are pulled out from the customer reviews,” he said.  “Some of those keywords were words, like ‘pro-life,’ ‘end abortion,’ ‘pro-life movement.’ And that, to me, is the only reason why they would remove the movie.”

“So, I think there is a lot of bias against Christianity that we’re going to see more and more on Amazon; especially as they grow,” he concluded.


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