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French cathedral subjected to politically-motivated vandalism

On the morning of the 28th of July, parishioners discovered graffiti sprayed on the walls of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth in Vaison-la-Romaine. One graffiti read "better a pair of mothers than a s***** father". On another side of the cathedral, the word "witchcraft" was painted.


The vandalism appeared a day after Monsignor Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon, wrote an open letter to the deputies and senators of the Vaucluse as well as to the local press denouncing the pending bioethics legislation in France.

Here is a part of the letter expressing the concerns of the French archbishop regarding the new project of law:

“(…) If this law passes, a woman will be able to give one of her fertilised oocytes to her partner, it will be implanted in her uterus so that they can both be mothers, erasing any reference to the importance of a father and true paternity for the growth and life of a child (…) genetic modification of human embryos will be legalised and we will see the appearance of transgenic children.”

“If this law passes, it will be possible to make chimeric human-animal embryos by inserting stem cells into animal embryos! We would see the manufacture of so-called ‘saviour siblings’, embryos created to advance research in this or that field,” the letter further reads.


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