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Stations of the Cross vandalised in Canada

The Greater Sudbury Police Service (SPGS) opened an investigation into the damage done to the Stations of the Cross on the grounds of Our-Lady-from-Lourdes cave last month.


“Some of our statues were damaged,” said David Sirois, assistant to the treasurer of the Diocese of Sault-Holy-Mary.

“These are mostly arms, hands, things that stick out and that are easier to break because there doesn’t seem to be any [evidence of] saw marks. Sirois confirmed that a formal complaint has been made to the police.

“We are still waiting to hear from them. Since there was no video surveillance at the scene and no eyewitnesses, we currently have no suspects or leads, “said police spokeswoman Sarah Kaelas.

“We recognise the value and importance of these religious statues, and we take this incident very seriously. The investigation is still ongoing,” she added.


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