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Police remove Hindu idol forcibly placed in church by radicals in India

Police removed an idol of a Hindu deity that was forcefully installed inside a Christian church by a Hindu group in Haryana state, India. The police acted after Christian leaders complained about the incident to Haryana’s Chief Minister.

ICC writes:

“On June 27, around 100 police personnel arrived at the Assembly of God Church in Faridabad town and removed the idol without any opposition a week after its forcible installation.

We are relieved and happy that police have cleared the encroachments from our church and returned it to us,” Pastor Pillai told UCA News on June 29.

The pastor said the church had been taken over by Hindu radicals since June 21. That is when they installed the idol and started conducting daily prayers to it.

Hindu activists claimed that a Hindu temple had existed on the same site as the church. However, the Christian church have been functioning in that location for the past 15 years and the land was purchased from a local person who occupied it for 47 years prior to that purchase.”

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