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A new church built in West Papua brings hope to communities

Despite long delays and obstacles, a new Catholic church dedicated to Saint Joseph has been built in Papua

Parents of seven to be beatified by the Catholic Church

The couple was murdered by the Nazis for hiding a Jewish family.

The tendency for apostasy is on the rise in Poland

The popular singer Dawid Podsiadło went viral with his recent announcement of apostasy.

A church has been destroyed despite bishops’ pleas for peace in Myanmar

Fighting between the military and local defense forces has intensified in Kayah state since June 6.

Attacks against Catholic churches on the increase in the USA

More than fifty cases of vandalism against Catholic churches registered this year in the USA.

German Church loses 200.000 faithful every year

In 2020, the episcopate recorded 104,610 baptisms, which is two times less than the acts of leaving the Church community.

More than 220,000 people left the Catholic Church in Germany in 2020

More than 220,000 people left Catholic Church in Germany in 2020, according to official figures released on Wednesday.

Church theft in Poland leaves community in shock

The incident happened between the 10th and the 11th of June.

A Belgian deconsecrated church to be transformed into a dance school

In one year, forty Catholic churches in Belgium were deconsecrated and turned into hotels, restaurants or cultural centres.

"Catholics" controlled by Communists celebrate the 100th anniversary of the CCP

The events were attended by over fifty representatives of all officially recognised religions.