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Tristan Azbej acknowledges Trump’s efforts to advance religious freedom

Tristan Azbej

Hungarian State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians— Hungary Helps Programme Tristan Azbej told Church Militant on Thursday that he "welcomed" Trump's recent executive order on Advancing International Religious Freedom, calling it "an important step because of the increasing religious intolerance, which particularly affects hundreds of millions of Christians all over the world."


Referring to one of the key departments cited in the president’s order, Azbej said, “We at the ‘Hungary Helps Programme’ are proud of our partnership with the USAID [United States Agency for International Development],” an agency Trump cites in his order.

Azbej also reported that “Christianity is the most persecuted religion, all over the Earth (…) Eighty per cent of the people who are persecuted for their faith in the world are Christians,” calling the global persecution of Christians “one of the greatest security challenges in the world today.”

These troubling numbers motivated the Hungarian government to launch its programmes which are tasked to provide direct support for the persecuted Christian communities and to raise domestic and international awareness of the issue. Tristan Azbej and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are committed to relocating refugees displaced by persecution and war back to their homelands.

“We, Hungarians, want Syrian, Iraqi and Nigerian Christians to be able to return home to the land that their ancestors have inhabited for hundreds of years as soon as possible. This is what we call Hungarian solidarity,”  Orban said in 2017 in Budapest during an international conference on persecuted Christians.


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