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Muslim sheikh in Uganda tries to burn his Christian daughter

After Rehema Kyomuhendo's father discovered what happened to his daughter and her conversion to Christianity, the father attempted to set her on fire with a jerrycan, Morning Star News reported.


Rehema Kyomuhendo accompanied her father on a business trip in March. When they were at her aunt’s house in Nawuyo village, Mbale District, on 4th of May, she began listening to Christian programmes aired on an FM radio station. 

According to Morning Star News, at around 10 p.m. she called a woman, one of her father’s business friends, and shared the joy of her conversion. 

“As she was sharing Christ with me, I was so overjoyed, and my father heard my joy and woke up, came from his bedroom furiously and started beating me up with blows, slaps and kicks,” Kyomuhendo told Morning Star News.

The father eventually started burning his daughter until Rehema was shielded by her aunt, who carried her out of the house with the help of a Christian neighbour, International Christian Concern reported. 

The girl was quickly taken to hospital where she has to remain for about a month due to her serious injuries. 

As ICC noted, Rehema’s case is not the only one in Uganda, because in Muslim majority communities, it can be a serious offence to convert or preach the Christian faith. 

Young Christian Woman and Pregnant Convert Seriously Injured in Eastern Uganda

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