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Two men attacked and assaulted a priest in Colombia


Fr. Víctor Vargas Bolaño was attacked and assaulted by two men, who originally went to the parish of Santa Marta in Colombia to ask for food


The assault happened on the 17th of May, and after having beaten the priest, the two individuals stole mobile phones and valuable jewellery.

Neighbours who heard the priest crying for help went to the parish. They found him on his knees, his feet tied and his body covered with clotted blood.

Police have begun an investigation into the case. They suspect the assailants were two Venezuelan men. The priest who has been the victim of a previous assault is now in a stable condition.

In 2004, he was threatened with death if he did not leave Santa Maria within 72 hours. His reply was that he would serve the parish as long as the bishop wanted.

Source: Acidigital

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