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“We want God” — Polish Catholics ask the authorities to facilitate access to Mass

Polish Catholics sent a petition to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, asking him to facilitate access to Holy Mass.


Over 26,000 people have already signed a petition asking to facilitate access to Holy Mass.

As we read in the “We want God” petition, “indefinite and arbitrary limits regarding the number of believers in temples are an action contrary to the principle of freedom of religion, which is guaranteed by the Polish Constitution.”

“We believe that restrictions go beyond what is necessary to take action to protect the health and life of citizens,” says the letter. The signatories also argue that maintaining sharp restrictions imposed on places of religious worship has “no logical justification.”

“The radical limit on the number of believers in churches and the obligatory face masks, even during Holy Mass, are now only pretexts for limiting religious freedom. If we have open parks, museums and shopping malls, if the government defrosts the economy and restores team sports, and does not do anything about religious freedom – it is a sign that it is time to stand up for the fundamental rights of us – the faithful,” claim the initiators of the action, encouraging others to join the protest.



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