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“We feel betrayed” says Sri Lankan priest about the Easter attacks investigation

A Sri Lankan priest is accusing the government of insufficient involvement in the investigation aimed at explaining the reasons for last year's terrorist attack when several hundred Christians were killed in the bombing by Muslim fundamentalists. In his opinion, if the guilty parties are not brought to justice, a similar tragedy may happen in the future.


Father Nishantha Cooray from Sri Lanka gave an interview to Aid to the Church in Need on the anniversary of the tragic events of the 21st of April 2019. Muslim fundamentalists carried out bomb attacks at Easter, killing and wounding those gathered at Easter Sunday Masses.

“Although it has been a year since these tragic events happened, no acceptable measures have been taken to explain the cause of the assassinations,” he complained.

Police arrested 135 people suspected of participating in the bombings. Former Sri Lankan President Maithripal Sirisena has set up a special commission to explain the motivation behind these terror acts. The newly elected Head of State, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, decided to take similar steps.

Fr. Cooray noted that the politicians went to the election bearing the slogans about the necessity of clarifying the tragedy, thanks to which they gained votes of support, but so far little has come of it. “We feel betrayed. To raise public moods, some politicians mentioned something about investigating the matter. It turned out to be just a political slogan,” he emphasized.

On Easter Sunday 2019, nine terrorists from the local terrorist group National Thowheed Jamath committed suicide attacks on three churches and three luxury hotels. Two hundred seventy-nine people died, including 37 foreigners; over 500 people were injured.



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