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Faithful remembered persecuted Christians with 24-hour Good Friday Vigil (Video)

The second annual event started in Jerusalem early in the morning, and continued for 24 hours straight. Across the world, an estimated 327 million Christians are persecuted for their faith. That’s about the same number as the entire population in the U.S.


Every day, Christians around the world are persecuted for their beliefs. This year, the COVID-19 crisis is opening the door to new forms of persecution.

This Good Friday, hundreds prayed for them during an online vigil hosted by the group “Save the Persecuted Christians.”

“We don’t understand what true suffering is, and so this is just an incredible way to reach out across the miles and connect with one another,” explained Dede Laugesen, the organization’s executive director.

Everyone participating in the vigil prayed that it would give hope to the hopeless.

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