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The Supreme Court of Australia acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

The Australian Supreme Court unanimously acquitted the 78-year-old Cardinal George Pell who was convicted for alleged sexual harassment of minors.


Cardinal Pell will soon be released from Barwon Prison, a strict security facility southwest of Melbourne. He is expected to celebrate a private Mass of thanksgiving— his first one since his imprisonment in February 2019.

The Supreme Court also found that the New South Wales Supreme Court, which had been examining the appeal a year ago, had failed to recognise reasonable doubts in favour of the accused. These doubts were not taken into account by the jury, who heard the case in 2018. As the defence emphasised, one of the victims admitted that she had not been molested by Cardinal Pell.

In addition, the “evidence” against the cardinal only consisted of the testimony of the second victim, which was denied by twenty witnesses called by the defence. The lack of credibility of the place and time at which the alleged harassment took place in 1996 was emphasised.


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