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Jurors in Missouri dismissed based on their Christian beliefs

The Supreme Court won’t consider whether potential jurors can be dismissed based on their religious beliefs

Texas Supreme Court sides with pro-life activist in free speech case

Although freedom of speech is put in jeopardy, such examples show there is hope.

Football coach wins case over being fired for praying on field after games

In 2015, the school district suspended Kennedy for praying on the field after games.

US Supreme Court rules Boston must allow Christian flag to fly outside city hall

The government had allowed a homosexual 'pride' flag and the flags of other countries to be flown, but not a Christian flag.

Abortion laws in most European countries are more pro-life than in the US

The study’s conclusion is that US abortion law is typically more liberal than that of European countries.

Supreme Court orders California to lift restrictions on at-home worships

California’s rule that limits at-home religious gatherings violates the First Amendment’s protection of religious exercise.

Supreme Court denies Nevada church's request to reopen

Pastor Garry Leist who leads Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley, offered a word of encouragement to his church following the ruling.

The Supreme Court of Australia acquitted Cardinal George Pell.

The Australian cardinal was put in a prison for dangerous criminals where he spent thirteen months