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Poland: a priest banned from walking in the streets of Lublin with relics

On both Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th of March, a priest from the city of Lublin (southeastern Poland) was walking in the streets by himself holding relics of St. Anthony and praying to stop the further proliferation of the Covid-19 virus which has pushed our continent into crisis .


Father Mirosław’s initiative provoked a strong response from the media. There were obviously many critics who compared the procession of the priest to “medieval customs,” as if there was something wrong with medieval piety. The priest himself, however, was not discouraged and announced that he would continue his ministry to “the very end.”

Another procession with relics was to take place on Thursday. This did not happen however as the Bishop of Lublin, Stanisław Budzik issued a ban on organising it.

A spokesman for the Lublin curia explained that such actions should be coordinated and planned. The priest stated that he would submit to the decision of his superior and asked the faithful to pray.



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