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Erdoğan asks for peremptory support of religious minorities in Turkey

Turkey has launched its military operations in northeastern Syria in November 2019 with an aim to resettle Syrian refugees in the northern part of the country. Now the president turned to religious minorities to back his two-faced military policy.


The communication office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has sent to the foundations that belong to the minority religious communities the request to sign a document of unconditional support for the Turkish government and army, at a time when Turkish soldiers continue their operations on the scenarios of the ongoing conflict in the Syrian province of Idlib, Agenzia Fides reported on Monday.

According to what was reported by Agos, a Turkish-Armenian bilingual newspaper published in Istanbul, the text to be signed sent to the Foundations of religious minorities contains the following sentence: “We state before the world that we will continue to support our government and our army as they strive to maintain peace in the region, and that, if necessary, we will fight alongside them”.

Agos reports that some of the representatives of the Foundations have asked for some adjustments to the text of the document sent to them by the collaborators of President Erdoğan with a peremptory subscription request.

At the beginning of the military operations in November 2019, there were attacks conducted by the Turkish army and its affiliates that even resulted in killing Christians and a church hit by a bomb. Now Ankara is requesting immediate support for its operations from those affected by the ongoing war.

The recent chaos in Greece with thousands of refugees is a result of Turkey’s decision to open its border towards Europe thus using the situation to squeeze out more money from the European Union in return for shutting down its borders again. This can also be a tool in order to put diplomatic pressure on some countries to extort a solution in northern Syria and Kurdish territories according to Turkish design. 

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