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USA: Satanists conduct a ritual on the Capitol steps amid pious protesters

Congregants from the Seattle-based Satanic Temple of Washington drew a crowd of prayerful onlookers on Friday March 6, 2020 as they hoisted their pentagram and conducted a satanic ritual at the state Capitol. Christian groups and followers caught wind of the Satanist celebrants and showed up to sing and pray in the name of Jesus.


Satanic Temple affiliates, such as Justin Harvey-John Ashby, said their event was about promoting religious plurality. He said he believes satanic beliefs have been misunderstood and viewed as “grossly perverse,” and that their primary values are empathy, reason, bodily autonomy and justice.

The Satanic Temple of Washington State made local news in 2015 by offering to perform a satanic ritual at Bremerton High School’s football game in response to Coach Joe Kennedy praying at the 50 yard line with his team.


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