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German episcopate calls on homosexual priests to make their coming out

In the theological magazine Feinschwarz, Andreas Heek, head of the men's pastoral work at the German Bishops' Conference appealed to homosexual priests to make their coming out.


According to Henek, hiding one’s sexual orientation leads to “manifestations of homophobia”. The clergyman stated that the German church has a huge problem with the deeply concealed homosexuality of many priests. In his article, a German priest calls other German clergy, among others to “mass coming out”. In turn, he demands a change of teaching from the Church.

Interestingly, Dr. Heek is also a spokesperson for the LGBT Pastors Working Group in German dioceses.

Heek believes that the Church should no longer judge homosexuality in moral terms. He also wants to “revise” the teaching of the Catechism in this area. The German priest also argues in his article that German secular homosexuals should establish stronger relationships with homosexual priests. He also warns that the “rebellion of gay priests would lead to the collapse of the church’s homophobic edifice.”

Fr. prof. Ansgar Wucherpfennig SJ, rector of the College of Theology and Philosophy in Frankfurt went even further. He expressed his desire that blessings of homosexual relationships would be introduced in the Catholic Church. According to him, fertility does not only mean “bringing offspring,” and homosexuals can also be “fertile” by being “socially involved.”


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