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Meet Father Jakub Bartczak, the rapper in cassock

Have you ever seen a priest being a rapper at the same time? Well, if not, it is time for you to discover Father Jakub Bartczak. Besides his work as a priest in the southern Polish region of Silesia, Father Jakub is also recording albums and playing concerts in his home country. "Rap is my great passion, I was brought up on him", he explains.


Jakub Bartczak was born in 1980 in Wrocław. In his childhood he never thought about going to the seminary. He had to think about it for several years before figuring out that his calling was becoming a priest.

After his ordination in 2006, he distanced himself from rap for quite a long time. He even wondered if this was already a closed chapter in his life. Eventually it turned out that despite being a priest, he could not just simply get rid of his passion for music. 

So he began to write texts about God, the Bible and priesthoood. He wants his lyrics to give a message of hope to children and teenagers. He already released three albums: “Powołanie” (Vocation), “Po prostu wierzę” (I simply believe) and “Bóg jest działa” (God is there acting). On February 16, 2020, the rapping priest released his last song titled “Lubię być księdzem” (I like to be a priest).

Father Jakub does not want fame, or performances. “I simply want to be on my purpose and do what I do best: preaching the Gospel,” he explains.


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