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36 people killed by Islamic terrorists in eastern DRC

On Tuesday, January 28, a group of radical Islamists in Eastern DRC attacked and killed dozens of people in several smaller villages, International Christian Concern reports.


In total, four villages are reported to have been attacked including Eringeti and Manzingi as the two named villages. Terrorists from the Allied Democratic Forces(ADF), an Islamic Terror organization that started in Uganda, have been attacking and killing people in Eastern DRC for decades now.

They conducted these most recent attacks, and are believed to have killed as many as 250 people since November 2019.

An Anglican Pastor was among those who were killed in Eringeti. He was travelling with his wife as they were ambushed. It has not been reported if his wife was killed alongside him.

These continued attacks by ADF and other rebel groups in Eastern DRC have made the country a tumult of terror and violence. It is one of the worlds weakest governments with vast swathes of the DRC under rebel or terrorist control.

The United States placed sanctions on the leader of the ADF as well as 5 other leaders due to their continued Human Rights abuses including mass rape, torture and killings.

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