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Abortion kills way more than diseases

It would seem that the most common causes of death are diseases such as cancer or AIDS. It turns out, however, that something else is responsible for the recent death of 50 million people.

The coronavirus is currently responsible for the deaths of 130 people. On this occasion, the “KonteStacja” profile on Facebook cited data on the most common causes of death.The tenth most common cause of death is suicide. About 800,000 people committed those during the year.

More than 1,2 million victims have been involved in car accidents. Diarrhea and diabetes are the cause of 1,5 million deaths. Not many more victims have devoured AIDS, which is responsible for the deaths 1,6 millions people.

Further items are already responsible for many more victims. 6,2 million people died of respiratory disease. Half a million more people died because of stroke. Just over 8 million people died of cancer (no type differentiation – ed.). Heart disease is responsible for nearly 9 million deaths.

However, the most common cause of death is completely different. As a result of abortion, as many as 50 million people died in 12 months at the turn of 2019 and 2020.


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