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France will create a fund to support Christian schools in the Middle East

During his stay in Israel on January 22, French President Emmanuel Macron announced his willingness to create a fund in order to support Christain schools in the Middle East.

Macron took his decision after receiving the report written by M. Charles Personnaz, commissioned by the Head of State to strengthen France’s action in protecting the heritage of the Middle East and supporting the educational network of Christian communities in the region.  It the meantime, France is making sure to support the teaching of the French language in in the Middle East and in Northern Africa. 

The report of over one hundred pagesexplains how the numerous conflicts and political unrest had a devastating effect on the peoples of the region.

It desribes the situation in Syria, Jordania, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. The local populations of these regions need longer-term support to preserve their cultural heritage, which has been the target of fanatic groups like ISIS. 

Source: christianophobie.fr


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