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Walk for Life West Coast anticipates around 50,000 participants

On January 25, 2020, tens of thousands of people will gather in San Francisco, one of the most pro-abortion cities in USA for the fifteenth edition of the Walk for Life West Coast. This year's edition will include expected to draw around 50,000 people from all over the United States and Canada.

Eva Muntean works full-time for Ignatius Press, but as a volunteer, she co-founded the Walk for Life West Coast in 2005. The first editions had only round 7,000 participants these numbers kept on growing year after year. 

Eva Muntean emphasized the fact that many of the people who come to the Walk for Life West Coast are young and full of enthusiasm. “They go back to their schools and start pro-life clubs, or write papers on the pro-life movement. It just spreads,” (…) We’re all volunteers who have full-time jobs elsewhere, so this is definitely a labor of love, and a labor of conviction, that life is precious.”

One of the most moving moments from last year’s walk was when seven pregnant women came onto the stage and played their preborn babies’ heartbeats across the silent square. This year, that same video will be played again, with four of those same women coming out with their now-born children “so that people can see that child in the womb that was there last year is now here outside of the womb,” Muntean explained.

The three other women that couldn’t be present sended pictures of themselves with their babies to be shown.

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