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MOZAMBIQUE: Seven people died, and many more were injured during recent attacks in Cabo Delgado

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Three attacks in seventy-two hours leave seven dead in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

There were two attacks on the 21st of February in Cabo Delgado. During the attacks, one person died and six others were injured. The two attacks were linked to each other and both were near the Anadarko petrol station. One of the attacks was on a caravan that housed the employees of the petrol station.

Two days later there was another attack just one hundred kilometres from the scene of the earlier incidents. A group of unknown persons stopped a vehicle that was transporting passengers from Macomia to Mucojo. The attackers stormed the bus and opened fire on the passengers killing five adults and one small child; many more were injured. The wounded were later transported to the provincial hospital of Pemba.

The region of Cabo Delgado has been the target of systematic attacks since October of 2017. Terrorist groups have invaded villages, burnt down houses, and slaughtered civilians.

More than 150 Mozambican people have lost their lives due to these attacks. Since no organisation has claimed responsibility for these attacks, the people do not even know whom they should fear.

The Bishop of Inhambane, Adriano Langa told the ACN foundation in an interview that the Christian Church finds the situation troubling.

“Many people die, and many have their house vandalised. When a house or a village is destroyed, the lives of innocent people are also destroyed. The Church is very worried about the situation– we are really anxious, and we hope it will be over soon.”

He highlighted in the interview that the Christian Church does its best to help people in need, especially those who have lost their family members or their homes.

Source: ACN Portugal

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