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The “Green Tide” pro-abortion movement attacks in Argentina again

Argentin abortusz mozgalom

Even though the Argentine Senate has refused to approve the legalisation of abortion, opponents are striking back and aggressively promoting their anti-life ideologies

The Argentine media is saturated with news coverage about pro-abortion manifestations across the entire country. The movement behind the demonstrations is called “Green Tide,” because of the green scarfs that abortion activists wear.

Amazingly, pro-choice activists are getting much more attention from the media than the pro-life side.  For example, on the 19th of February, about 150 thousand people took part in a pro-abortion demonstration in Buenos Aires. The event drew huge media interest. In contrast, the “March for Life” in 2018  brought about three million people onto the streets – twenty times more than the pro-abortion march, yet received less promotion and coverage on TV and in the newspapers.

The latest pro-abortion protest was aimed at pressurising the Argentine government to reopen the debate on the legality of abortion. Curiously, the pro-abortion movement had already been defeated last August when the Senate rejected the legalisation of elective abortion in the entire country thus making the present unyielding stance of the pro-abortion side incomprehensible in a democratic system.

Source, photo: Aleteia

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