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Catholic priest assassinated in Columbia while helping Venezuelan refugees

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On the 18th of February, Fr. Carlos Ernesto Jaramillo was murdered, in the quarter of Tierra Buena de Patio Bonito, Columbia. He was 65 years old

The confreres of the deceased priest told Fides News Agency that Jaramillo was killed by some young refugees whom he was trying to help.

A minor, who is suspected of the murder, was detained by the police. He told the authorities that the priest tried to abuse him, a version which is being investigated.

“The priest was a very good person, he invited people to come to Mass. Last night he was in the company of two young men in his flat when suddenly one of them fled with his hands covered in blood. When we went to see, we found the priest had been wounded,” said a neighbour.

He was brought to the Occidental Clinic but died on the way to the hospital due to his injuries.carlos-ernesto-jaramillo

The police are currently analysing security videos, and it seems likely that another suspect will emerge from their investigations.

Neighbours,  when questioned, all described the deceased priest, who had also worked in the missions,  as an upright person and dedicated to his ministry.

Source: AgenziaFides

Photo: Christianophobie

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