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Radical Islamists attacked a church in Egypt

On Sunday the 9th of December,  an Islamist group attacked a church in the Town of Koum Al-Raheb, in Egypt.

The attack continued despite the arrival of the security forces who neither protected the  Christians nor dispersed the attackers. In order to pacify the trouble makers, police have now closed the church building that had, with the government’s permission, just recently been opened.

Sobhi, a local Christian man said: “These are hard times for us. We cannot do anything. The government allowed the opening of the church, and after a short time, they forced us to close it. We rarely open new churches, but the government will not leave us alone. They want to wear us Christians down.”

Another Christian woman called Madonna complained: “They can build any number of mosques, but they will not let us open a single church; it is unjust.”

About 2,500 Coptic Christians regularly attended the Koum Al-Raheb church. Since its closure, they no longer have a place to gather and worship together.

Source, photo: Christianophobie

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