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American pro-life organisation asked Donald Trump in an open letter to stop financing a multinational abortion provider

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‘Students for Life’ is an American pro-life organisation. The members of the organisation asked the American President Donald Trump to stop  financing the abortion multinational called “Planned Parenthood.” In an open letter, they outlined the reasons for their request under five headings.

The open letter was published on the 27th of November and signed by Kristan Hawkins, the president of the ‘Students for Life of America’ organisation.

While thanking Mr Trump for his pro-life measures, Hawkins requested the president to keep his promises and stop the financing of  “Planned Parenthood,” and also asked that this money be used to support the pregnant mothers and their families.

The five points outlined by Hawkins and directed  to the president are:


  • A refusal to award any  contract that would financially support abortion clinics or other institutions that carry out  abortions.


  • The establishment of a “Protect Lives” programme.


  • The nomination of pro-life judges to the courts.


  • A ban on the financing of experiments that use cells harvested from aborted babies.


  • The prohibition of abortion clinics imparting sexual education to teenagers.

Hawkins highlighted that the Planned Parenthood Institution uses sex education programmes to market its own products to teenagers, offering them preventive techniques that avoid conception. If a pregnancy does occur, it promotes the use of their abortion clinics to carry out the termination.


According to her, “Planned Parenthood,” one of the main supporters of abortion, is an  institution that pretends to help and support pregnant women while killing their children.


Hawkins compared Planned Parenthood to other clinics, noting that their abortion centre, which is experiencing financial difficulties,  offers fewer services than other medical centres. It would also appear that the clinic, despite its half a billion dollar annual budget, offers an unsatisfactory standard of care to women.

In the open letter,  ‘Students for Life’ also asked citizens to help their initiative.

Finally, Hawkins requested President Trump to use all  funds in the health service area to support life by helping institutions like the resource called the Federally Qualified Health Centres in support of  Pregnancy. She added that this would be in the interest of every mother, baby, and family.

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